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Freeform (Large)
Brace: After the damage is totaled, the defender reduces the total to half, rounded up. Contain: A ship can spend this defense token to prevent the attacker from resolving the standard critical effect. The attacker can still resolve a non-standard critical effect, such as one granted by an upgrade card. Decoy: The defender rolls a blue die. If the result is the defender cancels all attack dice. Deflect: The defender rolls a number of red dice equal to their current shields on the defending hull zone. For each die that has a icon, reduce the damage total by one to a minimum of one. Evade: If the attack occurs at long range, the defender chooses and cancels one attack die. At medium range, he chooses one attack die to be rerolled. At close range and distance 1, the token has no effect. Point Defense: When defending against a squadron you may immediately attack that squadron with your anti-squadron armament. If a squadron is destroyed in this way all its attack dice are canceled. When defending again a ship, roll your anti-squadron armament, for each you may remove one black die from the attack pool. Redirect: The defender chooses one of his hull zones adjacent to the defending hull zone. When the defender suffers damage, it may suffer any amount of damage on the chosen zone's remaining shields before it must suffer the remaining damage on the defending hull zone. Scatter: The defender cancels all attack dice.
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