Epic Play Rules

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Freeform (Medium)
You must take both sections of the ship, fore and aft.The fore section has a native command of 0, but has a command value due to the limitations of KDY.Upgrades attached to one section of the ship affect the whole ship, but count towards victory points when the section it is on is destroyed.Titles are attached to the Aft Sections of Epic Ships.If you place your Admiral on this ship, it must be placed on the aft section.Maneuvering is resolved by using the guides on the rear base.Epic-Size ships are two large bases put together.Epic-Size ships will always move last.If an Epic-Size ship overlaps a small ship, deal three damage cards to the small ship. If an Epic-Size ship overlaps a medium ship, deal two damage cards to the medium ship. If an Epic-Size ship overlaps a large ship, deal one damage card to the large ship and do one damage to the Epic-Size ship.If an Epic-Size ship overlaps another Epic-Size ship, resolve overlapping as usual.
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