Escape Pods

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SetupBefore placing obstacles, place the station in the center of the board, then place obstacles following normal placement rules.Special RulesNo Commander is used. The play area is 3' x 3'. Fleets may be up to 200 Points. Half of your total points may be squadrons. Engineering points may not be used to discard damage cards from ships. Other effects that remove damage cards still work.When a ship takes a damage card, it must place a victory token within distance 1 of itself. End of RoundBoth players, starting with the first player, may move each victory token belonging to them. The first player may move the token within distance 1 of its current location. The second player may move the token within distance 2 of its current location. A victory token may be placed overlapping an obstacle, but may not be placed overlapping a ship, squadron, or another victory token.Other RulesAfter executing a maneuver, if a ship overlaps one or more victory tokens, the ship's owner may pick up one or more victory tokens on that ship's card.End of GameEach player will score 10 points for each of their opponent's victory tokens that are on a ship card belonging to a ship that has not been destroyed. Each player will score 10 points for each of their own victory tokens that are at distance 1-2 of the station.
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