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Aug 3 2017 - 19:52 UTC by Democratus
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SetupThe Imperial force must set up in the center of the play area, within range 5 of a short edge of the board. The Rebel force must set up within distance 3 of the center of the play area. All ships start the game at speed 0. The Imperial player is 1st player.Rebel ForcesPelta-class Command Ship: Commander Sato, Phoenix Home, Major Derline, Expanded Hanger BaysCR-90 A Corvette: Turbolaser Reroute CircuitsCR-90 A Corvette: Turbolaser Reroute Circuits4x A-Wing, 2x Y-WingImperial ForcesIntedictor Suppression Refit: Admiral Constantine, Interdictor, G-8 Experimental Projector, Phylon Q7 Tractor BeamGozanti-class Cruisers: Expanded Hanger Bay, Comms Net4x TIE FighterSpecial RulesKonstantine’s power will work with any friendly small or medium ship.Imperial units that exit the Rebel short edge of the board are added to the Imperial Force Pool.ObjectiveThe Interdictor must attempt to escape the sudden attack by rebel forces. The game continues until the Interdictor is destroyed or exits from the opposite short-side of the play area. If the Interdictor survives, the Interdictor title is added to the Imperial Force Pool. If it is destroyed Konstantine may not be used as an Imperial commander in the Final Battle.
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