Corvette Summer

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SetupPlayers set up terrain as per normal. The Imperial player is 1st player and must obey the rules under Imperial Forces. All rebel forces must set up at distance 3 of the Rebel short edge of the board. All imperial forces must set up within distance 5 of the Imperial short edge of the map. All ships start at speed 2.Rebel ForcesHammerhead Torpedo: Garel's Honor2x Hammerhead Torpedo: Task Force Organa, Boarding EngineersCR-90 B Corvette: General Dodonna4x Z-95s, 2x A-Wings, 2x Y-WingsImperial ForcesVictory Star Destroyer I (Steel Talon): Admiral Motti, Minister Tua, Reinforced Blast Doors, Veteran Gunners2x Gozanti-class Cruisers4x TIE Fighters, 2x TIE Interceptors, 2x TIE BombersSpecial RulesSteel Talon may only exit the map via the Rebel short side of the play area. Steel Talon can not execute a command more than twice during the battle and may not use any clicks on its maneuver tool unless it has issued a command. Any Hammerhead ship which is overlapped by Steel Talon is destroyed. If the ship carrying General Dodonna is destroyed, he may not be the Rebel commander in the final battle. However, the Rebels will add the title Dodonna's Pride to their Force Pool.ObjectiveThe game continues until all forces on one side have been destroyed or until the Steel Talon exits the map. When Steel Talon suffers a 'crew' critical effect, the Rebel team may select one rebel ace pilot from the prisoner list and add that squadron to their Force Pool. If the Steel Talon is destroyed the Rebels may get no more prisoners and those still on board are considered removed from the campaign.Prisoner ListTycho Celchu, Keyan Farlander, Corran Horn, Jan Ords, Lieutenant Blount
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