Emperors Guard

Apr 13 2019 - 03:07 UTC by Brady
Edited Apr 13 2019 - 03:18 UTC by Brady
The Director
Point Value
Squadron Class
TIE Defender
Special Text
Valiant Defender: When deployed, you must pick one other ship. This squadron must remain withing distance 5 of the selected ship at all times. If the selected ship is attacked by any ship or squadron, move this squadron into the line of sight of the attacking ship and take half the damage from the attack. the rest of the damage is taken to the defending hull zone of the selected ship. (This will happen as many times as the selected ship is attacked)Superior Technology: When attacking a ship or squadron with the keywords Ignore all effectsPremium Grade Fuel: You may move 3 times and attack 2 times during one activationLast Stand: If this squadron is destroyed before the selected ship the selected ship gains 2 blue attack dice to all hull zones for one round and also gains 3 health up to the original health pool.Final Vengeance: If the selected ship is destroyed deal 3 face-down and 2 face-up damage cards to the enemy ship or squadron that destroyed the selected ship. Then be destroyed.
Speed & Hull
Defense Tokens


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um.... why?